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The scooter comp takes place Sunday afternoon 3pm outside the Volks.

Took the GS last year so I'm gonna take the SX along this year.

What are you riding down to Brighton on?

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Bit like yourself Rob took the Lammy last year so its my GS this year

Last year the ride out was 5 miles to Rottingdean and back. We used to go to Beachy Head with nice weather which was amazing but a 40 mile round trip. Cast your votes here please for

A) Short ride

B) Beachy Head

Cheers Rob

Beachy head for me Rob,thought it was too short last year,40 mile is nothing if its dry and if we cant have any confidence in the weather in August then we never will.

Hi Derek, We had some lovely rides in the past to Beachy head in the sunshine. Would be great to get a massive group photo up there for the scrapbooks and website with the cliff in the background.

Beachy head! Might see number's go down slightly, but for those that make the effort! The reward is in the participation! For those that dont fancy it,there is plenty to keep them busy! Like everything else its a tough decision!

Hi John, Might be a good idea to set a poll up here.

Some folk can head back at Rottingdean or wherever if they don;t wanna do the full distance. I agree on a beautiful day the sights on Beachy Head are spectacular.

Good idea,that way everyone who takes part in the site gets a democratic vote! Cant be any fairer than that!  :-) Best to send every member of the site a heads up on the poll,that way there's no excuse.

Is this the first year the rideout has been put to a poll?? Which way was it decided before??

I'll get Bazden the webmiester to set a poll up on here.

Back soon

Check out the Brighton Weekender 2013 Scooter Route Decider Poll below

Alright lads.

I'll be riding my MK1 GS160 (Papavero) down from the Midlands approx 150 miles. Looking forward to it.

cheers. Jay.

Nice one Jay always our numbered by the Lambrettas!



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