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The Zombies have recently released a new record and I've been given the job of making a little narrative video for the re-release of 'I Want You Back Again'.
I'm looking for 1 man and 1 woman, preferably a couple, or friends who look as close as poss to this to act and star in this video.  These are non speaking roles obviously as it's for a music video.
Preference will be given to anyone that has their own vintage scooter, (or who can borrow one from a very kind contributor!) as the filming will involve scenes riding a scooter.
Filming will occur in London (Camden) sometime over the next 2 weeks, over 2 days midweek.
If anyone has a vintage scooter they'd like to lend us for the filming, or knows someone that does, please get in touch!  
Also please feel free to forward to friends you think may be interested/be able to help in any way.
Let's make these scenes happen!
Many thanks in advance,

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