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I know that some of you are fond of bicycle race and when I saw the Tour de France 2014, it was hard to not warn you about that. The race will start in Leeds on July the 5th to go to Harrogate, York, Sheffield, Cambridge and London. Here's the route (on the link below) if you want to encourage your favourite racer. And also, why not organising some kind of party related to this event, or a communication stand to gather mods and future mods on the Tour?


Now, if you decide to see the Tour, take a bag with you because you might pick up several items given by the commercial vans such as keyrings, bottles of water, newspapers, sweets and other food wrapped in small plastic bags. Be careful when they throw some things at you, it's very quick, you might be hurt (it happened to my poor mother who recieved a keyring on the forehead) and even if I don't really like the image, it's like we're hens fighting for some corn. So, it's better to be warned.

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