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Dear Friends.

In the Summer of 2013 me and my friend will be embarking on some hedonistic kicks in the USA for 2 months,  Hoping to meet some like minded people that can guide us to some great nights/days out, locations, markets, shops and party's, hostels. Below our the cities I'll be visiting in order, if you feel I have missed any, let me know. 

San Francisco -

LA -

Texas -

New Orleans's -

Memphis -

Nashville and ending up in Chicago

with additional stops along the way

your help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Tom,

In SF it is quite common for club nights to happen at the last minute, but we do have a few regular nights that might interest you. Mind, many of our clubs nights these days are mostly soul at the moment, but still lots of young people and fun. Hopefully the Facebook events links work so you can get an idea of what SF offers and some more contacts.

Nightbeat: usually every 2nd Friday of the month at the Knockout.

Drop Out: Jackie Sugarlumps runs this one. I don't think it happens on a specific night every month, but get in touch with her closer to your time in SF to find out if you'll be in town at the same time. It's more garage, psych, surf, and beat.

The World Ain't Round: a new-ish night put on by Major Sean and his friend at the Edinburgh Castle. Also not regularly scheduled as far as I know, but might be happening when you're in town. It is power pop, glam, and rock-n-roll.

Also, I know it isn't "mod" related in any way, but definitely look into the terrific, inexpensive walking tours given by volunteer history buffs in SF. If you're even half interested in the touristic side of your trip, you should go on one of these tours. There's even one in the Haight-Ashbury district (I don't actually like Haight that much, but it's a universal destination for visiting 60s types).


I am interested in the touristic/history parts of my trip to. So thanks, but when it comes to going out I find it easier to speak to people about places that are not in the guide book. I'll check out those face book links. 

That's exactly why the walking tours are great. They are NOT in the guide book, way out of the guide book paths, and you'll be able to speak to people who have lived and experienced SF in ways that are very interesting. You might even see something "private" that isn't accessible to anyone else (e.g. Coit Tower murals in the private staircase to the private apartment). People who take the tours are a mix of locals and visitors and there aren't usually more than 10 people on one.





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