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Hi ! Does anybody know safe and trusted sites out there for buying clothes ?

I've recently discovered a site based in Thailand called "Modshopping" . Like anybody else how do i know if its safe or not until i've used it . Hmmm !

I had a look at reviews on The mod generations forum and most say its good , but then theres some negative views too .

Can anybody cure my paranoia ?....... Pleeeeeeeeeeze ?

Has anyone here used them and what was the outcome ?

They've got some nice clobber . A huge thanks to anyone that can help me on this one .

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I have the same issue here man. I'm always looking for legit sites to score new duds on, but there's just so much sketchy (dodgy, right? Haha) crap out there. I'd likely be weary of anything coming out of southeast Asia, only because I've been badly burned several times. The quality of materials and the fit were straight shit honestly. Most sites I use are UK based, so I certainly wouldn't be telling you exciting news. Love to hear of some new ones though!

Hello mate  ! Thanks for that !

Hmmmm . . . . . Praps I might try something of a small value 1st and see what happens eh . Its a gamble I know but theres only one way to find out I suppose , especially as the guy says hes a Brit doing it from over there . In my mind anybody could say that these days and how would you see proof unless you know somebody whos already used the site .

Once again , thanks mate ! Let you know how it goes soon .

Looks like some nice clobber though .    ; )

Hi Chris, I'm not sure the guy is a Brit as he has been in touch with us recently. I'll have a chat with you at the Mousetrap omn Saturday as I'm sure I know someone who will be there who had a suit ordered recently. Best Rob 

Ahh , nice one matey ! Im definitely coming Saturday but no Tony . Gonna do my best to make sure I drag Scottish Robbie down there though , cant wait . Cheers dude , see you there .



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