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Hey guys,

I would really LOVE some of your cooperation with a project im doing...

The scene here is brilliant and I'm really interested in the culture and fashion aspects, as well as the way in which it's being lived by a new young generation. I'm also fascinated by the past and how we use historical culture movements, particularly mod and psychedelia, today.

So to get to the heart of it, it would be amazing if some of you would let me take your portrait. I use a medium-format camera that takes beautiful images and have photographic experience as well as an art background, so I promise they'll be good! The photographs are for a degree project and I'm more than happy to give you copies to keep :) Think lovely black and white fashion portraits...

Is anyone up for this?! I live in London but am willing to travel to come and meet you if youre near-ish! Let me know if you have any questions or anything, or if you're interested and I'll tell you more! My email is amyhepton @


Amy xx

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Hiya Amy

My advice would be to attend some events and approach folks and get hustling! Crossfire, LBB are bring out hordes of various tribes and peacocks and the seriously well dressed and in-the-know!

Good luck with it and maybe post some shots up on the network!

C’mon you models out there help amy now!

I can oblige. Email me at


I did something similar for Dean Belcher a couple of years back.

Yeah why not I think I can help.
I'm in south London, but can move. Just say when
Sounds Great!

What do I need to do?

Wilko x





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