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Next May is the 50th anniversary of the infamous Mods & Rockers weekend. Although attitudes are totally different now, and certainly not encouraging a re-enactment of any kind, but  I wondered if there are going to be any plans re. NUT, to celebrate the passing in some fashion, be a real shame not too in my opinion.

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Sounds like a great idea 50 years seems like yesterday, Would love to meet up with some original rockers. Talk about old times and shake a few hands.

Hello mate ! Hope youre all good and that ?

Let me introduce myself : Chris ! AKA Jimmy the mod (due to the fact that I looked similar to Senior Daniels when I was young only much better looking and didn't go nicking other peoples scooters).  : D

Yep ! Brighton this year is obviously a major date , if not surely one of the biggest . It seems like yesterday to me too Moose(if youre reading this) when I was at the Brighton weekender 30 years ago in 1984 . Wo ! Wheres the time gone ?

I think it was organised by The Pheonix Society back then (I may be wrong) and there was a huge music tent on the beach at the east end of the railway track which emptied some time in the evening with shouts of "bone heads on the beach". We all ran outside in the dark and it was pebbles at ten paces . The police were soon onto it though and kept us all in whats best described as a prisoner of war camp . : D

Anybody else remember it ?

At the end of the weekend the police kept us all shut in the prison camp in a massive pack of scooters and escorted us out of town en mass . Something tells me they didn't trust us .  : D

My idea these days though would be more along the lines of a custard pie fight waring one of them fancy dress fat sumo wretsler outfits . That could be fun ! Or perhaps a Zimmer frame race (mods v rockers) with ours being decorated with lights and mirrors and theirs leather tassles and Brill cream containers .

Whatever goes on at Brighton this year Im up for it !  : )

Thanks Chris. I posted this up last September, and as you can see interest is just a little bit apathetic? Shame really as Brighton May BH in '64 was such a huge historical landmark in the Mod world. The missus & I are popping down regardless, so as to recapture the Spirit of the occasion in a totally passive way, sadly not original Mods so won't have quite the same impact, but mainly because we just can't get wet pant excited about Modstock ( what is that all about anyway?) and also feel the Buzz will be long gone by August, despite all the Spins that no doubt will be forthcoming! Don't you just feel like sheep being herded sometimes almost the opposite of Mod as we know it? Anyway blog over :)  Hopefully might see you, a few old School, & old traditional style Mods like myself there too flying the Flag.

Hi Howard . I was about in the 60s and like I said seems like yesterday and I will be there in Brighton so if you see me please come and say hello mate. This is something we need to keep going.

Looking forward to it :)

Hows it going Howard , hope you and the Mrs are fine ?

Yeh , will have to meet up at Brighton or for the ride down from London , my Mrs will be on the back for the trip too . Shes the reason I look so young and handsome (15 years younger than me)  ; )  Its allways good to meet new faces .

Just starting to suss things out at the mo on here and what im getting up to this year as ive been out of the picture a bit for a while . Cant wait though , its like ive been starved of modness .

Spent loads on new cloth and itching to show it off so gonna be doing some NUTS bashes and stuff in London . Give me a shout on here if youre in town and perhaps hook up ? Or I think you can email me from here ? Im new to computers really and aint quite twigged with it all .

Keep on dude !

Nice one Chris you & yours too. Turns out Brighton Modfest is on the 3rd & 4th May, so we have booked tickets and accommodation from 2nd until 5th. Be good to meet you both if you can make it :)

Yeh were both good thanks mate .

Lets just hope that Brighton don't get flooded out like poor old Somerset has eh , argh , definitely not the weather to get caught out in wearing just a suit and parka  .

Back in 1984 I slept on the floor next to my scooter using the roadside curb as a pillow and woke up to the sound of running water . : D  Yeh , you've guessed it , the rain was chucking down on me , so I ended up on my scooter with my feet on the handlebars . All the archways were full of bodies , the shop doorways were too risky because of all the bone heads (as we use to call them) and casuals on the hunt for mods , and there was no shelter where everybody else was . Oh man , I only had a suit , dessert boots , my helmet and a water logged parka to keep me from looking like a shrivled  up prune . Funny enough it didn't work .  : )

I done it then at the age of 17 but I reckon the Mrs would get the hump if we done it this year don't you ? It would probably make her mascara run .  : D

Needless to say im gonna try booking a b & b for it . 

Amen to that b&b/hotels sets Mods apart from Tent fairing Scooterists :) So they say!



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