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As the topic "Lack of participation" is not really suited for the subject of "how to support the bands and artists that you loved on LBB", I am opening this topic in order to find solutions with you. Like I said on the other topic, I am sure that we all would be happy to tell someone , like our own kids or some friends, that we have seen these bands at their beginnings and tell them that we are a part for their popularity growth. After all, the Beatles, the Who and the Rolling Stones have built their career thanks to their fans first. So I have been thinking that we should not only follow them up thanks to this topic (I know for sure that some people would say "there's already Facebookfor that", but when you like so many things and have a lot of friends, it is not easy to read their announcements through the mess of messages) but also to show our support by giving some addresses for their future concerts in order to pass them to their managers (if they have one). I know for my part some places, but I have to check where they are exactly and also the price range.

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It sounds very interesting, Sandrine. Would you include just acts that play LBB or other 60s-related bands/singers?

I would include all th acts that play the LBB and why not the other 's related bands singers if they're still touring. But generally, I hear a lot of people complaining when they hear a 60's tune "good artists like this will never come back" "why can't we hear this kind of music on the radios ?". The thing is that they're indies or coming from a different country and it doesn't help them to be known (especially in France).

As per your discussion on being able to pick up on artists before the find immortality and pass it on to others! I actually think this could be happening at the moment especially with bands like the Strypes,who are very talented youngster's indeed and are likely to have success worth speaking of. A lot of the music we listen to is from bands who have geared up to play at Mod weekenders,Scooter rallies etc and although we all like it, it could be the very thing that stops them finding success! I think as a band you need to have a clever strategy when aiming at an audience and have a little of everything! Achieve that and achieve anything!!

Indeed, I agree that a good marketing strategy is essential. I have made university studies in that field and read a lot of books and articles about the marketing in music and advertisement in general. That's why I think that a system of crowdfiding (not crowfunding, don't get me wrong) in which the people from mainland Europe and U.S.A. or others would gather the names and places where the bands could play with also the price range. I also think that the NUTs should make partnerships with some other nightclubs where bands could play (well, I do hope that the rooms are big enough) so it would be nice to export some parts of LBB show in the world. But that's just my personal opinion. I like the Strypes by the way, and I really hope they'll do well in the charts. As for Jacco Gardner, he begins to be known in France and in Belgium (I heard him on a Belgian radio recently). I cross my fingers for them all.

love this subject!

Sorry for the late answer due to Easter days and due to my illness (caught a nasty virus). So the LBB is gone and I'm asking some question about the future of these bands. Did we have any NME journalists or members from record labels in the audience ?

Hi Sandrine, There were several music people there including Jeff beck which was an honour. Very very happy with the festival did you enjoy?

Best Rob


As I have told you before, I couldn't be there due to Easter family reunion and meal and that also I've been very sick during these days. I am happy that you have welcomed a guest star such as Jeff Beck. I just hope he will come back in the club soon. Now, if you welcome Rival Sons for the next year, you may see Jimmy Page in the audience, as he really likes this band. For myself, I may visit the club in May even if there's no major event. I know there's the Brighton Mod week end, but I'm not sure I can get there (when is it anyway ? Because I may have some plan to get more people involved there).

Sorry to hear about your illness Sandrine,hope all is well now!!  :-)

All is fine now even if I'm still coughing from time to time. But I'm still thinking about the ideas I got about spreading the music that we love and which makes the good reputation of LBB. You know, I discovered the LBB and the NUTS totally by chance because I was watching a list of record companies, fell on the Shindig magazine and fell on the LBB advertisement. Otherwise, I wouldn't know that this kind of club existed and I go often to London. Do you have any ideas as well as how to introduce the other people to the new bands that you're listening to ?





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