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Always having trouble in barber shop[s explaining what i want, anyone got any advice on what to ask for, or specific barbers to try?

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Hi  hairstyles are a difficult choice as there are a few determining factors  for example shape of your face if you have a round face a  Marriott style or Weller cut is not going to look too good where a  caeser style short crop might pass,show your barber a photo of what you want Goggle images is the place to go. Me I go for middle of the brow short and straight   over the ears with the hair incorporated as my sideburns nice and smooth, closer around the lower back of the neck with enough up towards the crown incase I want to do a bit of back combing but all the hair coming forwards.Stay away from clippers my man scissors or better still a razor to give the perfect finish stay away from barbers who don't speak English and clipper crazy unless you go for a crop! Expect to leave 20 sheets and go to a hairdresser I recommend Alan Leonard in Edgware,London  ask for the man himself who has great skill,



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