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Hi there I am an original mod from Putney London in the 60s always been a mod rode the scooter wore the clothes lived the life. I would so like to get in touch with any other old mods out there or on this site the ones that are like me true mods. I live in Northampton but have scooter van etc. I would like to meet up for days out festivals like birmingham mod weekender and Brighton mod weekender or anything like that. So please get in touch or on this site please. Thanks Moose Cuthbert.

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Hi guys and girls ! I just joined up tonight , ive been meaning to do it for ages .

Firstly : A BIG thanks to you N U bunch for keeping the mod scene and way of life still alive and kicking . Youre the Badgers nadgers ! All your hard work is floorless ! Youre priceless !

Ive been to a couple of your rides on my Vespa before with my old scooter club ages ago but not done a bash yet and don't see them any more because all they do is national rallys .

To be honest im out of touch and recently slapped myself around the head whilst looking in the bathroom mirror thinking "what are you doing you idiot ? Get a grip , get out there and get involved !"

I don't go anywhere except my local football ground to watch non league football with some mates who none are into mod . They all love my clobber but that's about it , they definitely don't think the same .

Of course this leaves me Hans Solo and frustrated .

So here I am , ive got off my backside and took the plunge .

Im buzzing to do some nights out and stuff but will probably turn up Billy no mates at some point , even my girls not into mod . Gutted ! Although she does like a lot of the music .

Anyway , just thought ide introduce myself and hope to see some of you soon .

A.K.A. Jimmy the mod . 

Hi. Chris and a very warm welcome to you, You seem to have joined at the right time ( never to late ) as this year is the 50th anniversary of all things Mod. If I go to any places where you go I promise you will not be Billy no mates. All the best hope to meet you . Moose,

Hello Moose !

Nice to meet yah "mate" !  : )  Its ok , im no cling on , I leave that to Star Trak or whatever it is .

Like the photos , nice cloth and Lammy !

Not all that clued up on computers and have to get the Mrs to show me how to do stuff . So im yet to suss how to put some pics on here myself . But for now lets just say im a  6ft 6" super stud with a SX Lammy made of purist platinum and all the girls que up outside my bedroom .  Not !

In fact I suffer from hair loss due to 47 years of stress , height ways im beginning to shrink , my PX Vespa (although a lovely chromed up piece of art) looks like something from The Adams family due to cob webs and the Mrs tells me shes only sticking with me and waiting for the insurance to be dished out .  She loves me really !   : )

I find it hard to believe really where the times gone . It seems like only yesterday I was at Clacton in 1984 celebrating the 20th anniversary on my small frame Vespa 100 age 17 . I used to work with a guy at the time who was an original 60's in the flesh hero like yourself and used to love listening to his tales from the early 60's which is my fave period and try to style myself on it with my own touch . Don't get me wrong , I love all things mod since its very birth but was not lucky enough to be born 20 years earlier .

That said Im fortunate enough to have an older brother who discovered The Jam in their early years and influenced me at the age of about 12 . As I had only £1 pocket money per week at the time I couldn't afford clothes and had to wait until Christmas to get some records . I had a Quilted snorkel parka that was the typical 70's type , a pair of cheap jeans that I got my mum to take in for me , a shirt with buttons sewn onto the collar to stop them flapping about and injuring somebody and a home knitted v neck jumper with a tie turned back to front . But I went for a walk down the local shops to show myself off all the same and felt proud as punch . : D Remember , I was only 12 and until then only had a dream to work on . Eventually I understood more and saved some pocket money to get my first real parka , tonic strides and some Fred Perry gear with loafers .

A lot of people say that mod is before the revival and its commercialism , but if it wasn't for that and my older brother I probably wouldn't have discovered it . I wonder !

As much as I wish I was an original I just have to be thankfull for the "2nd generation".

Anyway , for now I gotta sign out because I just noticed the time and im suppose to be going shopping for some new cloth .

So glad to hear from you mate , will have to meet up at some point this year , nice 1 !

Keep youre faith ! Jim .

Can anybody help me out on this ... Car parks ? Going to Time Box in Shoreditch tomorrow night (22/3/2014) and have got to take my car . Does anybody know where I can park for it ?

Cheers guys ! Chris .





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