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I recently got back into the MOD scene - having been a mod for a couple of years in the late 70's. 

I was thinking of coming down to Brighton for the weekender 

Just a few questions...

  • How hardcore is it ? - Im a married man - and although my wife is keen to come - she isn't really into the mod scene at all 
  • For reasons I won't expend on - I don't ride a scooter 
  • Also some non mod friends would like to come along - 

Whats the general format - are there mod gigs all over the place or just a few venues....

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Welcome to the network, I'm not sure Brighton is the event for you if you have freinds that are not really interested. The Isle of Wight scooter weekend might be more your thing as it is very diverse. You might want to try something like Le Beat Bespoke in London easter or a club night before you try a full on weekender.

Enjoy the network and website regards Rob



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