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Hi all

Does anyone know when tickets will be available for the mod weekender 2017?

Look forward to seeing you all down there

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They go on sale from the 26th April

Anybody know the prices of the tickets.

Cant imagine it being much different from previous years

Or when can we expect the email?

I just added a placeholder in my calendar for this day

Hiya Folks

The Brighton Ticket Code for tickets for 2017 has now been inboxed to all NUTs Members, so please check your mailboxs at home and work or whatever carefully, you have a 2 week head start on the general public as it were!
I hope this helps! Thanks!

Hi.doeas anybody know what bands are playing at the komeda for the mod weengender this year.

The flyer is above you fella :)

Accommodation selling out quickly, don't delay folks

Codes are being issued and have been for past few weeks folks



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