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Here we are, back for another trip into 60s comics. Enjoy!
The latter half of the 60s has undoubtely been a period of great innovations, not only in costumes, fashion and music, but also in comics.
The year is 1969. The place is London, where pop culture is still producing new concepts catering for the young. British science fiction writer Jo Addams, one of the very few girl-writers around, and Barcelona-born illustrator Luis M. Roca, create a space heroine who - because of a car accident - dramatically dies and becomes the guinea pig for a scientific experiment, that make her live again with a new life and a new identity. The plot is quite interesting, as Scarth - that's the girl's name - finds herself in a brand new situation whereas she can't remember anything from her previous life and has to re-built everything from the start.
The comic strip, published on "The Sun" for a few years, proved to be an instant success, as Scarth was the first girl of British comics to appear completely naked in a newspaper, and one of the not many space girls. Roca's drawings are extremely suggestive and take inspiration from pop-psychedelic graphics as well as Art Nouveau decorative art, and the story is just irresistible, as it never runs out of new ideas.
Space journeys, fashion, adventures in strange worlds... beautiful Scarth's new life is full of interesting stories and catchy graphic solutions. I would advise collectors to look for it in every format possible: copies of "The Sun", 1969-1972, book (if there is one), even on the web. It's really worth collecting.

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