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What are you looking forward to ‘Scenewise’ in 2008?

Whats your tips for 2008?
What are your favourite tunes?
Any new inspirations for 2008?

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The possibility of The Kinks playing some UK gigs !!!!! Yes please.
See the excellent 7 page interview with Sir Ray in the current issue of Record Collector.
Yeah spot on, would love to work with the mighty kinks, would be a total honour!
apparently dave davies hasnt seen or spoken to ray in over 6 months!! cant believe that really but never say never, tabloids are a load of rubbish!!
I can"t imagine that"s true - like you say, usual tabloid tosh !!!!!
The guy's been very seriously ill !!
yeh, i read it on it said he had been ill but is now committing time to a new solo record. who knows they make it up nowadays.
heres the article I read.......

The Kinks’ Dave Davies has released a statement to counteract rumours that the band may reform following comments by his brother and ex-bandmate Ray Davies.

Dave, who was a founding member of The Kinks over 40 years ago says there are no plans to reunite now, or in the immediate future.

“To be honest, Ray and I haven’t even spoken in over six months,” he says ”So not only hasn’t a tour been planned, it hasn’t even been discussed. I am focused on my solo career right now and that’s all I’m concerned with at the moment.”

Having suffered a stroke almost four years ago, Dave has since recovered and recorded a solo album entitled ‘Fractured Mindz’.

“Having a stroke was a life-changing experience,” he says "and this album is what came out of it.”

Dave plans to tour the album and is currently working on a DVD entitled ‘Mystical Journey’ which traces his life. Part one will be released this year.

--By our New York staff.
Find out more about NME.
I suppose thats the ups and downs of families within bands, it can sometimes be tense like a powderkeg, but when it works it can produce amazing harmony and results. Would personally LOVE to see them re-united like most people would... hey ho... bazden
me too!!

yeah I’ve always like the rythmn and pace of a good Saturday, from an early start to a mid afternoon stroll around a stinky record shop and the second hand shops, towards a nice dinner then ready for the evenings frolics.
getting used to the blur between saturday and sunday is often a dilemma, and the feeling of sunday evening used to bring that feeling of back to school without homework done. bit of sport, lazy sex, reading the papers in disgust, dozing off in front of a murderous black n white western, then sipping hot chocolate whilst watching antiques roadshow rounds it off with a nice hot bath.
I'm looking forward to this, just a couple of hotel rooms left now and then you gotta go to the travelodge a mile up the road. Ta Rob

'Hot Wax Weekender'
May bank holiday
3-4 May 08
fantastic venue with 2 great dancefloors, 2 all night bars, car park & hotel.
Weekend ticket £20

Six Hills hotel, the Fosseway (A46), Six Hills, Leicestershire LE14 3PD

Saturday allnighter 10pm-6am/£12 otd
Main room; northern & rare soul with DJ's Ady Croasdell (100 club/Kent records/Cleethorpes), Kenny Burrell,
Mick H, Roger Banks, Sean Chapman (talk of the south soul club) Val Palmer (Soul Revolution) & Sam Moore

Room 2 nuts mod allnighter with DJ's Lee Miller, Rob Bailey, Pid, Speed + special guests Craig Simpson (berts apple crumble), Roger Banks & Gav Needham (brighton beach)

Sunday allnighter 10pm-6am/£12 otd
Main room nuts mod allnighter with DJ's Lee Miller, Rob Bailey, Mark Raison, Pid & special guests Alan H,
Mik Parry (Pow Wow) & Gary Wall

Room 2 Sounds & Pressure soundsystem with scorching Ska/Reggae/Rocksteady from DJ's Phil Bush, Oxford Paul & Brian Kelson & Special guests Jim Cox (Reggae Shack) & Alan H (Reggae Shack)

Sat & Sunday lunchtime 1-5pm market, DJ's, football tournement (Sunday) + scooter comp & cruise (Sat daytime) Free! stall enquiries

Six Hills Hotel next to venue £25 pppn book now on 01509 880 240
some great stuff to look forward too f’sure





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